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Man removing a module of the TECU control system to illustrate easy removal and installation. main electrical cabinet in background.
Control System design allows for ease in replacement of CPU, I/O,
and SCR modules in your locomotive, train, light rail, or marine vehicle.

Established in 2005, TMV Control Systems Inc.
formed from a vision to design and manufacture the next generation of locomotive control systems. 

Basing the platform on 22 years of experience in designing locomotive control systems, Mr. Derick Vander Klippe’s pursuit was to offer the rail industry an advanced, robust control system with long-term performance. 

The result was the Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU), an intuitive system that is easy to navigate and operate so that you can get the most out of your vehicle.

Electrical Engineering:

Installed inside your high voltage Electrical Cabinet, the TECU I/O modules receive input from contactors, relays, Current Sensors, Fuel Level Monitor, pressure sensors, and oil sensors.

The TECU also receives Control Stand operations such as throttle direction, notch, brake, and many other locomotive operations. This data is viewable on a display screen located nearby, so you can see exactly what your vehicle is doing, from the inside out.

Modular Design for Easy Servicing

TECU is the banner product of TMV with a population in excess of 500 systems in Locomotives, Trains, Light Rail Vehicles, Streetcars and Marine Vessels

A Customer-Friendly Product

Compact and innovative, the TECU is modular by design for easy servicing and part-swapping.  Yet, software is specifically tuned to meet individual applications and requirements.

An ample amount of inputs and outputs (with provisions for expandability) allow TECU to monitor and control a myriad of functions.

The TECU can be configured for both AC and DC applications

TECU Features:


  • Wheelslip
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Autostart – AESS
  • Transition
  • Power Contactors
  • Main Generator
  • Testing
  • Sanding
  • Remote Monitoring

Additional Features:

  • 32 bit processor
  • MMC Memory (MultiMedia Card or Compatibles)
  • USB connection
  • Small Size (12H x 14W x 10D)
  • CAN databus communication

Locomotive Models with TMV Products:

  • SW8
  • SW800
  • SW900
  • SW1001
  • SW1200
  • SW1201
  • SW1500
  • MP15AC
  • MP15DC
  • GP7
  • GP9
  • GP11
  • GP15
  • GP16
  • GP30
  • GP35
  • GP38
  • GP38-2
  • GP38-3
  • GP38AC
  • GP38DC
  • GP39
  • GP39-2
  • GP39-3
  • GP40
  • GP40-2
  • GP40-3
  • GP49
  • GP59
  • GP60
  • SD9
  • SD10
  • SD20
  • SD35
  • SD38
  • SD38-2
  • SD39
  • SD40
  • SD40-2
  • SD40-3
  • SD45
  • SD50
  • SD60
  • SD70MAC
  • SD90
  • E8
  • F7A
  • F7B
  • F40PH
  • F59PH
  • GT26
  • PSC.LSL-1400
  • Dash 8’s
  • Dash 9’s
  • BL14
  • BL20
  • BL36PH
  • SE10B
  • SE15B
  • SEB-T4
  • SE25B
  • SE32C
  • Re-powers w/MTU Engines
  • Re-powers w/Cummins Engines
  • Various Mother-Slugs
  • Battery Locomotive 
  • Various Gen-Sets

 Please see the TECU page for more information, and the Products page for information on TMV’s other products.

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