Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU)

The TECU is TMV’s primary product. (See data sheet here.)

The TECU is a next generation locomotive control system designed to communicate with new electronic locomotives. The TECU can manage hundreds of digital and analog inputs and outputs for a locomotive. The TECU has features such as traction control and event recording. The TECU’s modular architecture allows it to be easily modified to suit a variety of different locomotives, including cutting edge multi-engine locomotives, conventional diesel-electric locomotives, and street cars. The staff of TMV Control Systems has many years of locomotive control system design experience and is ideally suited to design this next generation control system.

The TECU uses the Axle Generator and the Current Sensor to gain input from the locomotive.


See the list of current implementations.

The TECU is being used to control the new CoGeneration Locomotives from Brookville Equipment Corporation.


  • Fast: Up-to-date 32-bit microprocessor
  • Standardized: SD memory card support for diagnostics and data logging
  • Modern: USB communications for faster downloads
  • Strong: Heavy Duty Connectors, Metal plates cover circuit board for protection
  • Modular Architecture: System can be easily modified for different applications, and easily serviced
  • Protected: The circuit boards are protected on all sides by metal plates
  • Standardized: CAN databus and USB connections for integration with common hardware
  • Support: also legacy RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Large up-to-date memory
  • Compact: Small computer size: 12H x 14W x 10D in (30H x 36W x 25D cm)
  • Compatible: Display can use LSI format if mounted on Control Stand

Eliminates need for communication interface panel (required on other systems)

High-speed, standardized CAN interface for optimal engine control

Control Elements

  • Use the CAN data bus to control engine RPM and receive engine data for control, display and diagnostics.
  • Control the power contactors and main generator excitation for Power and DB operation.
  • Wheel slip/slide control in Power and DB based on axle speed sensors. Creep control for maximum adhesion.
  • Engine Stop/Start control, with starter thermal overload protection. (AESS)
  • Cooling Fan control.
  • Main generator voltage and current limits for protection.
  • Main generator field control, with over current trip.
  • Air Compressor control.
  • Transition control.
  • Low water input.
  • Main Reservoir blow-down (optional)
  • Built-in-Tests: Locomotive self-load, Contactor test, Relay test, Fan test, etc.
  • Traction Motor current sensing, limiting and protection

Please see the data sheet for more details.


TECU – 5 Module

TECU lite – 2 Module


TECU Lite Back with connector plate

TECU CPU & Power Supply Module