High Voltage Electrical Cabinet for Traction Motor Vehicles including locomotives, Control, monitor, check up, control system housing. Wired Cabinet
High-Voltage Electrical Cabinet, complete with TECU control system and interactive display

TMV designs custom electrical cabinets for your locomotive or traction motor vehicle.  These high-voltage cabinets house the Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU) and contain all necessary contactors, relays, sensors, wires, and more—a comprehensive nervous system—so the brain, the TECU, can safely and effectively watch over your vehicle.

Also known as the Control Cabinet, it typically makes up the back wall of the Operator’s Cab, and contains an interactive TMV display unit.  This is for communication of messages between you, the TECU, and your locomotive. 

TMV’s cabinets are appropriate for any modernization project, to replace old wiring with new, and to protect sensitive components from the elements in a sealed-off environment.  Traction Motor Blowers push air through a filter and into the cabinet, creating a clean, pressurized environment – keeping dust and dirt away.

Graphic Design Locomotive location image of TMV cabinet in typical 4-axle train
X-style Cabinet. Labels indicate areas of connection and oversight by the TECU. 
TECU located in the cabinet.

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Streetcar outline drawing to show location of TECU in a streetcar from New Orleans, small control system near operator seat