TECU-PC is the Computer Program Included with the Purchase of Your TECU

Graph display, to view two data lines in parallel comparison, to better understand locomotive performance
TECU-PC Graph – comparing changes to Engine Oil Pressure and Engine Oil Temperature at the same time. This can be zoomed in or out to see how your locomotive is behaving over time. Compare any measurement from TECU sensors.

TECU-PC: The software package that interfaces with the TECU System, available to customers at no additional cost with the purchase of a TECU system and includes unlimited number of users.

To download, view, and analyze your vehicle’s data.

You can download:
Fault logs
Short Term Logs (which are the last two minutes of recorded activity)
Real Time Captures (including the ability to review them later)
Current Statistics on the TECU and its sensors.

Customers find TECU-PC to be an extremely important tool in troubleshooting locomotive performance.

3 Ways to View Data

There are three different Data Viewing Modes:
Screen Display, which shows exactly what’s on the touchscreen;
Table Display, which displays data in tabular form; and
Graph Display which displays selected data channels in graphical form. 

Screen Display – This shows on your computer screen what the operators are seeing on the cab display. Also available for viewing downloaded logs.
Screen display, which shows exactly what's on the display screen for easy reference and tech support.
Another Version of Screen Display
Tabular form, to see exact time stamps of specific data channels
Table Display – To easily see numerical changes by date and time. Up to 10 snapshots of data per second are measured and logged.

Choose what data will be graphed on TECU PC graph display
Select Data for Graphing – For visual comparison of what’s being measured by TECU sensors

displaying here air compression and amps in comparison.  Digital and Analog inputs and outputs can be graphed.
Graph Display – Comparing Air Compressor Amps to Digital MVCC switch ON/OFF

Statistics and downloading, to view your vehicle's data from anywhere, using the internet. And for updates to TECU software
Statistics Raw Data and Downloading Logs

Remote and Serial Connections Available

Two connection methods are available to download data or upload software to the TECU:  Either physically through a serial port, such as the Tera Grand Premium High Speed USB 2.0 to Serial RS-232 DB-9 Converter, with FTDI chipset; or remotely through a TCP socket.

System Requirements

• Microsoft Windows (2000 or newer)
• Computer with 766MHz processor (1.5 GHz+ recommended)
• 256 MB RAM (512 MB + recommended)

TECU-PC is also for upgrading TECU software and accessing the TECU system terminal for Remote Health Monitoring.

TMV Display screen and TECU-PC