Automatic Engine stop, automatic engine start, for diesel-electric, can be customized to other vehicles, compact AESS unit

TMV’s Automatic Engine Stop/Start (A.E.S.S.) system is designed to monitor a locomotive and automatically shut down the engine to save fuel.

The AESS system receives input from train-lines, various sensors, and other systems to determine the state of the locomotive.  When conditions allow, the AESS automatically shuts down the main engine, and later the lighting loads, to conserve energy.  The AESS system continuously monitors the locomotive’s state and will restart the engine when needed.
The AESS system will work the Mechanical Governor-controlled engines or with engines controlled via CAN bus.
This is a standalone device which can be used on nearly any make and model of locomotive.
TMV also offers AESS as an available feature within the Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU) package.

Graphic of remote health monitoring, a connection between the train, the cell tower, the internet and the user

Pair AESS system with TMV’s Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) service to receive notifications via email when specific events occur.  Know the location of your locomotive using our easy-to-use web portal.

Automatic Engine Start Stop AESS products displayed on a white background, complete kit and how it looks before shipping

Auto-start items within the AESS kit include: 
– 100psi & 200psi pressure sensors
– LOS Override solenoid valve
– EPD override solenoids
– Thermistors
– Load shed relays
– Engine Prime
– Engine Start
– Start Buzzer
– & any other required sensors and switches.

The Governor Oil Pump is one of TMV’s Auto-Start products.  It assists the governor, and moves the lay shaft out of the no-fuel position during auto-start, enabling governor oil pressure to build and fuel injectors to function.