Crash Hardened Crash-Hard Memory Interface CHMM orange with reflective tape, TMV Control Systems, data protective preserve data in the event of a crash, certified DOT Department of Transportation Crashworthy
Keep data safe—survivable locomotive information

Certified DOT crashworthy, TMV’s CHMI (Crash Hardened Memory Interface) receives information from TMV’s control system, the TECU

Successfully tested for survival under conditions of fire, impact shock, static crush, fluid immersion and hydro-static pressure, the CHMI preserves data in the event of an accident. 

Self-diagnostic lights are indicative of working order. 

Designed to maintain data.

The FRA requires a crashworthy event recorder memory module to be mounted for its maximum protection.  TMV offers the following mounting formats to ensure multiple mounting options: 

  • LSI 4 MCU Rack Mount
  • EMD Dash 2 Rack 
  • Wall mount compatible

To improve crashworthiness of TMV’s TECU Control System, data necessary for accident analysis is routed to the crash-hardened memory module. 

Information is measured 10 times per second, and all changes in input/output values are sent to the CHMI from TMV’s TECU Control System to equip you with a certified survival version of indispensable data. 

The TECU mounted in the high voltage cabinet for a locomotive

The TECU is situated behind the operator’s seat in the main electrical cabinet. The Crash Hard Memory Interface (CHMI) can be mounted in any safe location; this could include the cabinet, the operator’s cab, or below the nose of the locomotive.