TMV Voltage panel for sensing and measuring voltage

TMV offers two voltage sensing panels: a 1200V max. panel and a 1600V max. panel.

These are versatile, capable of measuring the voltage of many different circuits. Used in any standard TECU kit, they measure voltage from the main generator, and they are powered by and communicate data to the TECU.

Shown below, installed in the High Voltage Cabinet in the locomotive cab, they are a small but vital part of the TECU’s operations. Voltage gives the TECU a wealth of information about the status of your vehicle, and can make the difference between safe and unsafe operation. This is one of the ways the TECU watches and protects the working parts of your locomotive.

Three voltage panels are installed in this Florida train, accompanied by two resistor panels.

Voltage data can be viewed on the TECU display in the locomotive cab, usually installed in the electrical cabinet, but sometimes on the control stand. Different screens will reveal different voltage information, here you can see in the first screen, “Loco Info”, AC volts, Battery Volts, and DB Volts. In the second screen, “Main Gen”, you can view the Main Generator Volts.

Various types of sensors gather data for the TECU

To see more information about these sensors and what they’re used for, see:
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In this brochure for the TMV Megawatt Meter, a Voltage Panel is used to measure total voltage output of the Main Generator

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