Derick Vander Klippe and Jay Rafferty at the Railway Supply Institute RSI Tradeshow, and Katie Vander Klippe at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association ASLRRA
Derick Vander Klippe, Jay Rafferty, and Katie Vander Klippe at trade-shows put on by the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) and the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA)

RSI and ASLRRA: TMV’s Membership Experience

Railway Supply Institute

TMV attends at least two trade shows a year, the RSI show and the Short Line show. These events are rewarding and indispensable, as is our membership with the two organizations that work so hard to put them on. 

RSI is the Railway Supply Institute. This is a North American organization that ties a huge portion of the rail industry together. They also advocate to Congress on behalf of the various industry segments, including mechanical, communications & signalling, maintenance of way and passenger industries. 

“The Railway Supply Institute mission is to support, connect, and advocate for railway suppliers. RSI connects members to their customers and partners, supports the improvement of the industry, assists members in the global marketplace, and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process.”

Locomotive Models with TMV Products:

  • SW8
  • SW800
  • SW900
  • SW1001
  • SW1200
  • SW1201
  • SW1500
  • MP15AC
  • MP15DC
  • GP7
  • GP9
  • GP11
  • GP15
  • GP16
  • GP30
  • GP35
  • GP38
  • GP38-2
  • GP38-3
  • GP38AC
  • GP38DC
  • GP39
  • GP39-2
  • GP39-3
  • GP40
  • GP40-2
  • GP40-3
  • GP49
  • GP59
  • GP60
  • SD9
  • SD10
  • SD20
  • SD35
  • SD38
  • SD38-2
  • SD39
  • SD40
  • SD40-2
  • SD40-3
  • SD45
  • SD50
  • SD60
  • SD70MAC
  • SD90
  • E8
  • F7A
  • F7B
  • F40PH
  • F59PH
  • GT26
  • PSC.LSL-1400
  • Dash 8’s
  • Dash 9’s
  • BL14
  • BL20
  • BL36PH
  • SE10B
  • SE15B
  • SEB-T4
  • SE25B
  • SE32C
  • Re-powers w/MTU Engines
  • Re-powers w/Cummins Engines
  • Various Mother-Slugs
  • Battery Locomotive 
  • Various Gen-Sets


The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, has a more precise focus on the short lines of North America than does the RSI. Short lines are so important to TMV. They have supported, backed up, invested in, took a chance on, endeavoured and experimented with TMV in our early days, and are one of the main reasons for our success today. Because of Short Lines, TMV has gained a full collection of application experience, and now has an impressive list of locomotive types the TMV system is installed on. We are not only grateful to our short lines, but also to the ASLRRA that has helped to make us neighbours on a huge continent. 

To find TMV on the ASLRRA site, click here

A map of North America, drawing lines between TMV and our customers

At the Railway trade-show last year in Nashville Tennessee (RSI/CMA 2018), TMV was fortunate to enjoy a lunch with Genesee & Wyoming Railroad. This video was made for the luncheon, as a brief look at some of TMV customers – who they are and where they are located.

TMV presented a slideshow describing our TECU control system, as well as introducing a few new locomotive electrical products, such as our stand-alone AESS.

Rebuilder KLW Knoxville Locomotive works locomotive in KLW colours Green and Black unit #2250
Knoxville Locomotive Works

Many KLW (Knoxville Locomotive Works) locomotives are equipped with TMV control systems.

Click here to see KLW’s website.

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