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Some of the faces and workplaces behind TMV’s great product line

Comments on Quality Policies

Creating a quality policy is a bit like competing with yourself: You set up a standard and strive to meet it, but it has very little to do with anyone else. In fact, maybe no one will see it and maybe no one will ever know.

 That’s how it is with internal, not external, motivations.

It’s like putting a sticky note on your desk or setting reminders on your phone.  A daily present hint that your goals are important and waiting for you to come get them. Also like self-set goals, internal company policies are more likely to be chased after than protocols coming in from outside, and more likely to be celebrated once they’re met.  

As a company made up of many individuals, we can only get close to the heart and the rewards of internal motivation when policies are set by the whole company. This is more easily accessible in a small company environment because there are less barriers to communication and employees are people, not numbers. 

Routine internal surveys for quality assurance and ISO certification. TMV wants its employees to be happy working here, and a survey is one of the ways we measure. What gets measured gets improved.
Employee Satisfaction Surveys on the lunchroom table, filled out every year for ISO certification. “What gets measured gets improved”

Every year, during internal audits, employee satisfaction surveys are filled out. This is where the best ideas for company improvement come from, and it becomes apparent how deeply our employees care about their work, because they care about not only their tasks and the part they play, but the whole of the company and how it works together. 

Company-wide Quality, Piece by Piece

Design – Circuit board schematics, locomotive prints, software, prototypes and revisions created by our engineers.

Product – All products and parts that are shipped from either our Cambridge or US Field office facilities.

Services – Engineering consultation for rail vehicles, technical support of our products, initial commissioning and technical support trips. Contact service personnel.

Workplace – All activities carried out by TMV personnel at both our Cambridge and US Field office. We are proud of them and they are proud of what they do.

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