Testing, Testing . . .


One of our customers, Knoxville Locomotive Works, recently rebuilt and tested a locomotive with one of our TECU systems as the locomotive control system. Formerly a GP-38, the 2250 was repowered and now contains a EPA Tier 2 compliant diesel engine.

One of the most impressive test took place in August 2013, when the KLW 225o visited a Class 1 railroad for some testing. The 2250 was compared to a GP39-2 and a 3GS Genset to see how quickly each locomotive could pull approximately 4,000 tons of freight up to 10 mph.

Here are the numbers:

  1. The KLW 2250 at 69 seconds
  2. GP39-2 – 93 seconds
  3. 3GS Genset – 145 seconds

Knoxville Locomotive Works believes that the TMV TECU is a key part of the success of their locomotive. Here’s a quote from their sales material:

The TECU’s small size, simple troubleshooting options, and ability to dramatically increase tractive effort are the reasons why the system is deal for KLW repowered locomotives and repower kits.

As for us at TMV Control Systems, we are proud to be a part of this project and wish Knoxville Locomotive Works every success in their efforts!