To help save locomotive battery life, the Battery Saver is for when flipping the knife switch is forgotten

The Battery Saver is a helpful timer which turns off all non-essential loads after 20 minutes from engine shut-down.

The Battery Saver Kit includes one Display and one Battery Disconnect Contactor.  This is all you need to avoid inconvenient dead batteries, caused by oversight or unneeded use of non-essential loads.  Also helpful for temporarily keeping locomotive lights on after engine is shut down.

TMV contactor, to go with Battery Saver as part of battery saver kit
Battery Contactor

When the engine is on and power is being generated, the Battery Saver displays “ENGINE RUNNING”.

When no power is being generated, the timer will count down.  A buzzer will sound when the timer reaches 10 minutes, and again at 30 seconds.  At this time the TIMER RESET button will light up;  pressing it will gain another 20 minutes.  If TIMER RESET is not pushed at this time, power is cut off from non-essential loads and battery life is preserved.