The TECU has been installed on many different locomotives including 3000 horsepower SD40 units, 2100 HP multi-engine units, and streetcars. Check out the list below for TECU installations currently in active duty.

Brookville BL36PH Commuter Locomotive







Brookville Equipment Corporation incorporated our TECU locomotive control system on the 12 BL36PH commuter locomotives that will provide service to South Florida’s Tri-Rail. These locomotives will enter service the second half of 2014.

Norfolk Southern MP15E Switchers








Norfolk Southern is using our system as part of their project to upgrade their MP15DCs. If you’re interested in a case study, please email our sales department. Norfolk Southern is also using our equipment on their SD40 upgrade program.

Knoxville KLW 2250 Road Switcher


Knoxville Locomotive Works depends on our TECU to provide traction control and a computerized control system for their KLW 2250.

Lean and Green Locomotive


Ohio Locomotive Works uses our TECU system to control their environmentally friendly green locomotive.

Brookville Equipment Corporation – CoGeneration Locomotive


2100 HP – 3 Engine Locomotive

New Orleans Streetcars


Restoration of historical streetcars with modern control systems.

Metro North Locomotive


2000 HP – Single Engine Locomotive

New Haven Locomotive


2000 HP – Single Engine Locomotive