TMV Control Systems Honored to be part of Cummins QSK95 Tier IV Project


TMV Control Systems was honored to be an integral part of a project to repower an SD90MAC locomotive with a Tier IV Cummins QSK95 engine.

The scope of TMV’s work included the following:

  1. Engineering and building the interface between the TMV Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU) and the Siemens traction control system
  2. Communicating with the Siemens traction control system and its inverters that drive the AC traction motors
  3. Interfacing with and controlling the QSK95 engine through the QSK95 engine control module
  4. Interfacing with the locomotive train lines to allow communication with other locomotives in the consist
  5. Exciting and controlling the main generator
  6. Controlling the 2nd small generator set to allow for engine stop/start functionality
  7. Controlling power and dynamic braking
  8. Track testing to ensure system functionality and to maximize tractive effort
  9. Remote monitoring of the locomotive through a cellular link
  10. Integrate the thermal management and emissions control to help minimize exhaust emissions

This project allowed Cummins to field test their Tier IV QSK95 engine to ensure it complete functionality as power for a high horsepower freight locomotives.  The locomotive is currently in revenue service at the Indiana Railroad.

Check out this video for more on how the Indiana Railroad is using the locomotive in revenue service.